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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Maritime Medical Management (Global M3)?

Global M3 is a service organization that works with insurers, employers and other organizations worldwide that have enrollees, members or employees that seek medical treatment. For more information about our company please visit the section of this site.

Who can be a client of Global M3?

A Global M3 client can be an insurance company, a large self-insured corporation, a reinsurer, or any organization that will be paying for the medical care of individuals outside their home country.

Only outside... Don’t you coordinate in country of residence as well if needed?

Yes, we will coordinate all services in country of residence as well.

I am a resident of a country other than the US and I would like to know if my health insurer is a client of Global M3. How can I find out?

Please send an email to information@globalm3.com or call us at 786-691-2469 or you can contact your insurer or broker.

Does Global M3 sell travel or health insurance?

No, Global M3 is not an insurer.

What is Global M3's policy on preventive medical care?

Helping you stay healthy through preventive medical care is one of our primary goals. Periodic medical check-ups, stress tests, mammograms, and other such diagnostic tests may help your physician detect potential problems at an early stage. It is important to undergo these tests periodically, depending on your age, gender and physical well-being. We also encourage you to seek early medical treatment when a change in bodily function occurs. Global M3 also offers other programs designed to help people with chronic illnesses, such as asthma or diabetes. Please note coverage for preventive care depends on insurance coverage. Contact a Global M3 Patient Assistance Center representative for more information by calling 786-691-2469 or sending an email to information@globalm3.com.

What is the company’s physical address?

Global M3 Corporation, 7300 Dadeland Blvd. Suite 700 Miami, Florida 33156

Does Global M3 only work with hospitals and physicians in the United States?

No. Global M3 has affiliated providers in the US, Latin America, Mexico and The Caribbean. We specialize in assisting anyone enrolled in our network requiring medical care outside of his or her country of residence.

What health specialties are available through your Network?

Quality, comprehensive care is provided in a wide range of medical specialties. Our multi-disciplinary Network with a wide array of physicians and facilities includes skilled specialists in every discipline working together to provide the best possible care. Our strength is a health care network committed to meeting patient needs and expectations that include diagnosis, treatment, psychosocial support, rehabilitation, and the assistance patients may need in returning to the communities or work after recovery.

What is the relationship between Global M3 and network doctors, hospitals and other providers?

Enrolled physicians are independent practitioners who have agreed to treat Global M3’s patients and are neither employees nor agents of Global M3. Similarly, network hospitals are neither owned nor controlled by Global M3.